The next generation blockchain cryptocurrency for tokenized assets

We want to use our next-generation blockchain to make it accessible and applicable for mass adoption. Invest in the future now with LIOcoin. 


What is the LIOcoin?

LIOcoin is a digital currency that was launched in the fall of 2017 and will operate without central control or supervision by banks or governments in the future. Instead, it relies on peer-to-peer software and cryptography. Digital cryptocurrencies exist in large numbers today, and new ones are being added or disappearing altogether every day. The best known and the pioneer of cryptocurrencies is probably Bitcoin. What sets LIOcoin apart is the ecosystem of the LIOcoin blockchain. The technology is environmentally friendly, sustainable and future-oriented. This is because the LIOcoin blockchain is not only based on the energy-saving Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, but also relies exclusively on renewable energy. The development team is already building the future of LIOcoin. After an update, the blockchain should be able to map smart contracts and NFTs in the future. The LIOcoin will thus become interesting for the digital finance industry and the tokenization of assets. Translated with (free version)
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Our vision


LIOcoin will enable fast and secure trading of tokenized assets, tangible assets, and company investments on the blockchain starting in 2022. The cryptocurrency is thus matched by a real countervalue and a real benefit. The novel technology realizes future visions, as the future smart contract enabled blockchain can also accommodate NFT's. The update LIOcoin 4.0 with improved dashboard and new functions as well as optimized usability is currently in the development phase and is expected to go live on the testnet from 2022. Translated with (free version)

The development team

The team behind LIOcoin wants to make trading with cryptocurrencies but also other areas of investment safer, more transparent and more customer-oriented. Trading with cryptocurrencies is often risky for the investor, because often the digital currency formats gain value through speculative transactions.

Implement visions and create significant benefits

LIOcoin sets new standards with the update LIOcoin version 4.0 and paves the way into the digital age. Trading cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets and NFT's becomes more transparent, secure and faster than ever before thanks to the novel blockchain LIO-4.0 and the update 4.0. The high transmission speed, combined with sophisticated security technology, makes it possible to acquire and trade tokenized assets from small and medium-sized businesses. Translated with (free version)

Advantages for LIOcoin users

Benefit not only from the outstanding transaction speed, but also from the favorable transaction costs. The goal is to be available worldwide and to fully utilize the trading capacity based on the most favorable transaction fees.

Winners in focus

With the novel LIOcoin blockchain, the cryptocurrency is setting the course for the future and realizing its visions. These were elaborated in the four-year further development phase after LIOcoin was launched in version 1.0 in 2017. The cryptocurrency is to become more future-proof as well as more tradable and more widely accepted.

Your personal multi-currency wallet

LIOcoin App

With the LIO app you have your cryptocurrencies

(BTC, ETH, LIO, XRP, ECpay) always with you and available at any time.

Exchange rates are mapped in real time. So you are always „up to date“.

High security

Keep the keys to your digital assets in a wallet so secure that no one but you can access it - not even us. Automatically back up all your wallets and restore access with their unique passphrase.

Highly developed

The LIO app runs smoothly even on older smartphones with low memory. The app is characterized by low power and data consumption. New features are constantly being developed by the community.


The LIO app is available in English and German and ensures an optimal flow of communication.

Das Team

Eranga Bandara Blockchain

Eranga Bandara

Research Scientist

dr. Zoysen Employee Blockchain

Dr Kasun De Zoysa

Blockchain Enthusiast

Gabriel Viktor Blockchain

Gabriel Victor

Head of Product
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The advantages of LIOCoin

Real-time platform with highly secure and environmentally friendly technology

Many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, that operate on the Proof of Work consensus mechanism require a lot of computing power and therefore a lot of energy. The development team at Global Cybersecurity Summits Ltd. uses only green power and relies on an environmentally friendly blockchain in the Proof of Stake mechanism. The real-time platform maps all transactions in real time and is available to you anywhere in the world. GCS relies on unhackable security technology specially developed by its in-house IT experts.

LIOcoins with conventional means of payment accessible to all!



Trade cryptocurrencies with the lowest transaction fees in the world for cryptocurrencies. LIOcoin offers the first real-time platform of its kind, which uses highly secure and robust technologies.


2. Staking

Generate attractive, passive additional income - independent of and in addition to the possible price increase of the coin with the POS mechanism in coin staking.



Basierend auf dem Peer-to-Peer Netzwerk und Smart Contract bietet unsere Plattform zukünftig weitere Möglichkeiten. Hierzu zählt auch der Bereich der Kreditvergabe bis hin zur Rückzahlung in einem sicheren Rahmen.


And this is how it works


Creating a LIOcoin Wallet, the wallet for your LIOcoin, is quite easy for anyone worldwide and without any restrictions..: 

Registration LIOcoin
Enter personal data
Confirm registration email
Send and receive LIOcoins

Purchase & Sale

You have a variety of payment methods for buying LIOcoin. You have various payment options for buying LIOcoin. Thus, it is possible for virtually anyone to purchase LIOcoin. Possible are, for example, cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC, credit / debit card, instant bank transfer or SEPA transfer.


Trading LIOcoin via one or more Exchanges (trading platforms) is an essential factor for the usability of LIOcoin. Currently, LIOcoin is traded via MatrixChange. Listing on several international trading exchanges is currently being prepared.


LIOcoin enables its users to send and receive LIOcoin worldwide. The goal is to create acceptance points where payment with LIOcoin is possible. In doing so, you benefit from:

• A high number of available coins
• An extremely fast blockchain
• Einer niedrigen Volatilität
• Einer völligen Transparenz / Sicherheit
• Extremely low transaction costs

LIO app personal multi-currency wallet:

LIO app personal multi-currency wallet:With the LIO app you always have your cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LIO, XRP, ECpay) with you and available at any time. Exchange rates are mapped in real time, so you are always "up to date".


The LIOcoin is a decentralized blockchain that works in the crypto code and litecoin algorithm

The crypto module provides cryptographic functionality which includes a set of wrappers for Open Hash, HMAC, Cipher, Decipher, Sign, Block Explorer and special algorithms for checking POW & POS functions for accessing this module. LIOcoin is the first European blockchain-based coin, which has been in existence since 2017. It features energy efficiency as well as speed in transactions and high security standards.

According to experts, cryptocurrencies will replace „conventional“ currencies in the next few years, as the example of El-Salvador shows. As a result, considerations are currently underway in various countries to abolish „paper money“ and rely exclusively on virtual currencies. The development potential of decentralized blockchain-based virtual currencies is currently far from exhausted. Therefore, it is very interesting for investors as an alternative investment.

What is Coin Staking?

Coin Staking is a by-product of Proof-of-Stake (POS). In the proof-of-work method, participants are paid a reward in the respective cryptocurrency for solving complicated cryptographic tasks.

POS is a consensus process to reach a consensus in a blockchain network about which participant is allowed to generate the next block. It should be noted that not all participants can participate equally. Here, weighting is done according to a random selection. This random selection is based on how high the assets, i.e. the stake, of the respective participant is.

Unlike the proof-of-work mechanism (POW), which is used for Bitcoin, for example, the POS mechanism does not require time- and energy-intensive mining. 

What does it mean?
Simply put, one transaction in the POS mechanism (Staking) requires less energy than 2 search queries on Google. In contrast, the POW mechanism (mining) would consume as much as for thousands of search queries on Google.

Staking as an investment

With POS, the cryptocurrency is not created through complicated computing tasks. Instead, small shares of the cryptocurrency are held in a wallet and unlocked through the process. With the totality of these shares, each participant validates the transactions that are processed via the blockchain. This ensures the security of the network. In return, each investor receives an amount for the amount of coins held.


In principle, it is almost similar to the well-known system of interest known from banks. And in the field of cryptocurrency, the return on staking is a high-yield alternative, especially in view of the current interest rate policy.

Global Cybersecurity offers everything from a single source

Knowledge of hardware and software not necessary
Danger of failures not given
Minimum yields secured
Personalized packages while prospecting
Hardware purchase
Software installation
Procedure and care
Offsetting and accounting
Formation of a high-performance mining group

Put your staking in
the hand of professionals

We, the experts at Global Cybersecurity Summits Ltd, have made it our mission to provide staking to every aspirant. Various personalized packages are available for this purpose. Interested parties can simply select the right package for them online. This makes it especially easy to immediately join the community and stake your first coin.

Cooperation and distribution partners:

Here you can find the cooperation and distribution partners we have checked and licensed:


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Matrixchain OÜ

Digital Invest Partners Ltd.

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Lioning Services Ltd.

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