Our Visions

Have you ever asked the question on what basis the value of a Bitcoin or an Apple share are calculated? Is it mostly just speculative objects?

Speculations are basically nothing bad. On one side there are winners and on the other side there are losers. As a "loser" you should be able to afford the losses.

We only want to create winners!

No, not by speculating on an increasing LIOcoin rate, but by creating an ecosystem that enables the real worldwide use of LIOcoin in everyday life. We have already created the technical framework and the first milestones have been reached:

- Secure worldwide transactions in seconds
- Trading on an exchange
– LIO-App

Others will follow:

- Shopping portal ("partial" payment for goods / services)
- Connection of credit cards
- Mining for everyone


It can be expected that the increasing possibilities of use will also go hand in hand with a positive performance of LIOcoin, but this should not be your motivation for using our future-oriented technology! The blockchain technology we use and develop further offers infinite possibilities, which we will use for the users:

- Tokenization of real estate and other property
- Safest non-hackable database solutions
- Generally all data that should be available in a secure form.

Finance in particular will change rapidly in the near future.