Terms and Conditions Online Terms of Use

AS OF 01/2020

Global Cybersecurity Summits Ltd. operates under license No. FVT000451 issued by Financial services, Providing a virtual currency service, Estonia, for Matrixchain OÜ. Matrixchain OÜ is the exclusive sales agent and is responsible for the control of all sales partners.


1. Scope

These terms of use apply to all services offered on the Global Cybersecurity Group (hereinafter referred to as “GCS”) websites, in particular for free and paid content and services (hereinafter collectively or individually referred to as “services”). The terms of use provided on the GCS websites at the time of ordering the services apply. Deviating provisions only apply if they have been expressly confirmed by GCS in writing. By using the website, the user expressly agrees to these terms of use without further explanation.

2. Availability

The services of the GCS are offered to the user subject to availability. GCS endeavors to ensure that the services are available to the user without disruptions. Maintenance options and / or further developments and / or other malfunctions can restrict the usage options and / or interrupt them temporarily. This can also lead to data loss under certain circumstances. This does not result in any compensation claims for the users concerned. GCS is also entitled to change or discontinue the services offered at its own discretion at any time without notice.

3. Contractual relationship

The contractual relationship regarding the use of GCS's chargeable services comes about by registering with the desired and selected payment provider or alternatively by making a binding choice of another payment alternative (e.g. credit card payment), as well as by agreeing to the general terms of use and accepting it by GCS. Acceptance by GCS takes place at the latest when access to the chargeable service is opened.


Purchases made by Lio Coins via the website Lio-Coin.eu, with payment via SEPA transfer, must be transferred within 7 working days by the user to the account indicated in the wallet or on the website of GCS. If the user does not fulfil this purchase/contract, i.e. does not transfer the outstanding amount, GCS reserves the right to assert claims for damages. If several purchases are initiated, or commissioned, the incoming sum is always credited to the oldest purchase and where applicable the sum of the transferred coins adjusted by GCS. The user therefore has no claim that the amount paid in will be credited to a later purchase.


The user assures to have read the offer of LIO Coin / GCS and to be aware of the possible risks.The user / buyer is aware that in case of doubt, a total loss of the capital can be made, as a purchase of Lio Coin is therefore highly speculative.

4. Registration

4.1. General – Registration: the user must register for certain services on GCS websites. The user assures that the personal data it provides as part of registration, especially name and surname, postal address, date of birth and email address, are truthful and correct and that they will immediately notify GCS of any changes to its details.

4.1.1. Registration: in order to receive the selected fee-based service of the GCS, the user must complete the form provided on the respective GCS website. Entry of external email addresses is not permitted. By ordering this paid service, the user also allows GCS to inform the user at irregular intervals about current industry news as well as services, products and offers from the industry. Otherwise, only data is collected which is voluntarily made available to GCS by its users.

4.1.2. Data transmission / changes: contents are transmitted electronically. The member must ensure that a current email address is available to GCS at all times. Changes in this regard are to be reported to GCS immediately.

5. Abuse

Users who believe they have become victims of abuse related to GCS’s services may contact the following address:

Global Cybersecurity Summits Ltd.
Osmaston Raod, Derby DE24

6. Privacy policy

For all information relating to the handling of users’ data, GCS refers to its separate GDPR privacy policy.

7. Payment transactions

Fees for paid services, it means purchase of Lio Coin, will be billed using the payment system provider the user chooses. In this context, exclusively the terms of use of the payment system chosen by the user shall apply, which terms are pointed out in the appropriate place with provision of appropriate assistance. The payment claims shall be settled with the respective payment system provider in accordance with the respective terms of use. The transfer of the Lio-Coins to the wallet of the Uer, will be exclusively done by GCS on the website "Lio-Coin.eu“, after receipt of payment at the payment provider. If another payment method is chosen (direct debit authorisation, credit card, etc.), its terms of delivery and payment shall apply. If the user does not meet its payment obligations, GCS is entitled, subject to further claims, to block the user’s access to the paid services. After settling the outstanding claims, access will be restored. GCS reserves the right to commission companies to conduct the collection.

8. User obligations

Compliance with applicable legal regulations: the user undertakes not to violate legal regulations. In particular, the user undertakes to ensure that: content it distributes does not violate any rights of third parties (such as copyrights, patent and trademark rights); the applicable criminal laws and child protection regulations are observed; content it distributes is not racist, pornographic, obscene, abusive or unsuitable for minors.

Data security: the user further undertakes to protect the data in accordance with the recognised principles of data security and to check emails sent to GCS for viruses with the utmost care.

Obligation with respect to dialogues: the user undertakes to restrict the use of discussion-oriented content on the website or in the newsletter to the professional exchange of opinions and to refrain from advertising claims and to take into account the interests of other participants. GCS is particularly entitled to delete contributions that, due to their language choice or content, do not comply with the rules of fair discussion and moral behaviour or do not sufficiently take into account the interests of other participants. The GCS hereby in particular expressly prohibits contributions that are racist, pornographic, obscene, inhumane and which are contrary to moral behaviour.

Access data and password: the user undertakes not to disclose all the access data it has been assigned, in particular not to disclose to or permit third parties to become aware of an assigned password for accessing the content provided online, and to take the necessary measures to ensure this confidentiality. Each user is responsible for all activities that occur with its password. In the event of abuse, loss or relevant suspicion, GCS must be notified immediately at Support@lio-coin.com. Indications of abusive use of the services and contents of GCS or the payment system must also be reported to GCS immediately. GCS is entitled to block access to the protected area if, through the fault of the user, there is misuse of the access data, e.g. by disclosure to third parties.

9. Contents/ Liability

The website and the newsletter provide their own and third-party content. It is marked accordingly insofar as these contents come from third-party companies.

9.1.1. In the event of losses or damages the user might incur if it relies on the information received when using the GCS newsletter, GCS is only liable if the damages are caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the legal agent or auxiliary persons, or if an obligation, the fulfilment of which the user particularly relies on (cardinal obligation), is violated by slight negligence. GCS is only liable for foreseeable damages. Liability is excluded for indirect damage, including consequential damage, unforeseeable damage, or untypical damage as well as lost profits. The same applies to accidental damage and force majeure. GCS’ liability for personal injury remains unaffected by this disclaimer and restriction.

9.1.2. Liability for third-party content: in the case of third-party content as well as that of private individuals (in particular in discussion forums and chats), the website and the newsletter merely make the medium technically available. Such content that is made available to the user by third parties is the corresponding author’s or distributor’s information, not GCS’. GCS is therefore under no circumstances responsible for the accuracy, correctness or reliability of this content. In particular, GCS shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the user by reliance on such information.

9.2. Liability for links: GCS assumes no responsibility for the content of the linked websites. Insofar as GCS engages in linking, GCS expressly declares that at the time of setting links no illegal contents were recognisable on the sites to be linked. This declaration applies to all links placed on this website as well as guest books, discussion forums and similar services set up by the GCS, to which external write access is enabled. In no event is GCS responsible for the content of websites that link to the GCS. GCS is also unable to identify or check links to its websites. Furthermore, GCS has no influence on how the content offered here is used, passed on or changed by the user and therefore cannot be held liable for any damage, lost benefits or other direct or indirect consequences arising from use of the content offered here.

9.3. GCS excludes any liability for technical or other disturbances.

10. Warranty

10.1. GCS provides its services without any assurance or warranty of any kind, express or implied. Any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of laws and patents are also excluded. Although the GCS believes that the information provided by GCS is accurate, it may still contain errors or inaccuracies.

10.2. If paid content is objected to by the user due to GCS’ incomplete or unsatisfactory performance, the user must notify GCS of these objections immediately after knowledge of them has been obtained.

10.3. If the GCS is liable for justified and timely complaints, GCS shall, in the event of incomplete performance, additionally deliver it and, in the event of defective performance, remedy or replace it at the user’s discretion. The user may demand a reduction of the fees or costs if the remediation attempts or replacement deliveries are refused, are impossible, or fail in any other way.

11. Copyright

11.1. All contents published on GCS’ websites and newsletter, such as texts, pictures, graphics, sound, video and animation files, and databases are protected by copyright. Furthermore, GCS is entitled to a title, trademark, or other intellectual property rights with respect to many contents.

11.2. Use of the contents is only permitted for private personal use. Any other use requires the prior consent of GCS; this applies in particular to commercial and private duplication, modification, distribution or storage of information or data, in particular texts, parts of texts and images. This is especially true for implementation of content on third party websites and inclusion in electronic databases.

11.3. In other respects, the legal limits of copyright and/or other applicable statutory provisions apply.

12. Disclaimer of liability

Claims for damages due to the impossibility of the performance, positive breach of an obligation, fault in the acquisition of the right of use and tortious liability are excluded both against GCS and in relation to its vicarious agents, unless deliberate or grossly negligent action is involved. Claims for damages due to the operational failure of the GCS Internet server cannot be asserted. Due to various factors not within GCS’ control, no guarantee can be given for 100% availability of the server.

13. Final provisions

13.1. Deviations from these terms of use must be in writing in order to be effective, whereby sending an email or a fax also corresponds to this written form. The same applies to qualification of the written form requirement.

13.2. If individual provisions of these terms of use become invalid and/or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining terms of use remains unaffected. Ineffective and/or unenforceable provisions shall, via supplemental contractual interpretation, be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision which, taking into account the interests of both parties, is most likely to achieve the desired economic purpose. The same applies to filling gaps in these terms of use.

13.3. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the usage relationship is the provider’s registered office.