About uns

We live in the digital age, which is developing and changing at a rapid pace. Technologies as we know and use them today are often outdated “tomorrow”. Whether we are dealing with finance, mobility, consumption or communication, this development extends to all areas of life and affects every person in the world.

It is important to "keep pace" - we do not want you to be left behind!

The Global Cybersecurity Summits Ltd. emerged in 2017 from years of collaboration between various IT professionals from the areas of internet security, blockchain development, marketing, financial management and digital currencies.

Our open source platform offers the optimal, global, digital networking of various areas and thus your ticket to the new world. Our digital payment unit, LIOcoin forms the basis for realization our Visions .

About LIOcoin?

Put simply, LIOcoin nothing more than a digital payment unit. Digital payment units (or cryptocurrencies) are available in large numbers today and new ones are added every day or even disappear entirely. The best known and the pioneer of Cryptocurrencies  is probably the Bitcoin.

But not every cryptocurrency is the same and many pioneers will no longer be able to follow due to the technology used and the rapid development. Our development team has analyzed the technologies used so far, checked available resources and programmed an optimal solution that is future-proof, and so builds the foundation of our Visions  .

The application of Blockchain technology  offers all the benefits that are necessary for the optimal use of LIOcoin:

  • – Schnelle weltweite Verfügbarkeit
  • – Höchstmaß an Sicherheit
  • – Transparenz
  • – Geringe Transaktionskosten
  • – Stabilität


Trade cryptocurrencies with the lowest transaction fees worldwide for cryptocurrencies. LIOcoin offers the first real-time platform of its kind, which works with highly secure and robust technologies.

2. Mining

LIOcoin's mining process is a peer-to-peer computer process that is used to secure and verify LIOcoin transaction payments among one another in a decentralized network. Mining LIOcoin is therefore possible for everyone.

3. Lending

Based on the peer-to-peer network and smart contract, our platform will offer further options in the future. This also includes the area of lending up to repayment in a secure framework.

Fair distribution & trade

LIOcoin's vision is to be usable and available to everyone, no matter where in the world and on fair terms. For this purpose, all available payment options (app, trading platforms, credit card, etc.) are gradually being implemented.

By the applied blockchain technology and the legitimacy of users, all transactions are transparent and cannot be manipulated by third parties.

and that's how it works

  • Wallet
  • Payment
  • Buying & Selling
  • Blockchain
  • Exchanges

Die Erstellung eines LIOcoin Wallet, der Geldbörse für Ihren LIOcoin, ist ganz einfach für jederman weltweit und ohne Einschränkung möglich.:

  • Anmeldung →LIOcoin
  • enter personal data
  • confirm the registration email
  • LIOcoins senden und empfangen

LIOcoin enables its users worldwide to send and receive LIOcoin, and to pay their bills at all acceptance points with LIOcoin. Your benefit:

  • from a high number of available coins
  • from an extremely fast blockchain
  • from a low volatility
  • from complete transparency / security
  • from extremely low transaction costs

There are various payment methods available for you to buy LIOcoin.

You have different payment options for the purchase of LIOcoin. So it is practically possible for everyone to acquire LIOcoin.

  • cryptocurrencies such as B. ETH or BTC
  • credit / debit card
  • instant bank transfer
  • SEPA transfer

As the backbone of almost all digital currencies, the blockchain is an openly accessible book with the note of all crypto transactions. This general ledger does not exist centrally, but as so-called nodes on many computers.

There it is updated with every transaction. A central authority is not required for the administration, this is ensured by the decentralized filing and the mining process, which does not have to exist with every blockchain. Technically, the blockchain is a chain of transaction blocks.

The transaction data are linked like links in a chain, combined into blocks and checked for their validity. Then the Proof of Work (POW) links to the previous blockchain. The proof of work is very energy intensive. If you wanted to infiltrate it for the purposes of fraud, you would have to spend fabulous electricity and hardware costs that are not worth it.

Trading LIOcoin via one or more exchanges (trading platforms) is an essential factor for the usability of LIOcoin.

The LIOcoin is currently listed here:  MatrixChange

LIO-App Your personal multi-currency wallet

With the LIO app, you always have your cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LIO, XRP, ECpay) with you and available at all times. Exchange rates are shown in real time, so you are always "up to date".


Download here: